The Food Lab by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

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J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

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Ever wanted to know how to pan-fry a steak with a blackened exterior and a precisely medium-rare inside when you bite into it? How can you create homemade mac ‘n cheese that’s as satisfyingly gooey and velvety-smooth as the store-bought kind, but far more delicious? How to roast a delicious, juicy turkey with a proven approach that works every time (forget about brining!)

J. Kenji López-Alt, Serious Eats’ culinary nerd-in-residence, has considered all of these topics and more. Kenji focuses on the physics underlying popular American cuisine in The Food Lab, looking into the interplay between heat, energy,

and chemicals that produce delicious food. Kenji demonstrates that traditional approaches are frequently ineffective, and that home chefs may produce significantly superior outcomes by employing new—but simple—techniques. You’ll learn how to make flawless Hollandaise sauce in just two minutes, how to convert one basic tomato sauce into a half dozen meals, and more in hundreds of easy-to-prepare recipes with over 1,000 full-color photos.